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I have read a number of reports in recent days suggesting that Live Search or real-time search will eventually be the undoing of SEO. I will concede that using standard SEO techniques to influence the page one result for search is getting harder as each month goes by. Harder, yes – using standard SEO techniques.

It’s a big call – if SEO does lose its effect on the first page of results, it will be felt across the board. Search traffic will drop off for some and reputation and brand management will become more difficult for others. If that is the case, can we use non-standard SEO techniques?

Standard and non-standard are probably misnomers. Perhaps old school and new school is a better way of stating it now. Live Search, real-time search – could become a hidden gem for web site owners once they learn how to master it.

Gain an understanding of where the search engines are sourcing these real-times results and that is where SEO will move. Social media is one of the major sources of real-time search, but so too are blogs, news services and, I would think, press releases. Tweets from Twitter already dominate the results when it comes to real-time search.

Will real-time search kill off SEO? No – I think not. Every year we have predictions that something will kill off SEO. It still survives today and will continue to survive into the future. Real-time search has hidden gems that SEO will unearth and use to full advantage.

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