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First, let me qualify what I mean when it comes to holidays and content development. Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day and others are all important when it comes to making money, whether it is online or offline. There are still some offline concepts that webmasters are forgetting to leave behind when they enter an online world.

I have read several posts that debate whether or not you should have a post on Christmas Day. Let me be the first to acknowledge that everyone needs time off and special days like Christmas Day and Good Friday provide that opportunity. However, the online world never closes. It’s open 24/7 – 52 weeks a year.

Not only is the Web alive 24/7 – the international factors means that whilst it may be Christmas Day for you, for others Christmas Day was yesterday or it is tomorrow (depending on where you are and where your visitor is). For example, those of us here in Scotland with family or friends in Australia or New Zealand will be aware that they celebrate Christmas day a good ten hours before us. The US is another 4 to 6 hours behind us again.

This internationalization means that holidays as such have little relevance on the day. Yes, the holiday period still has relevance to our lives so creating content that is appropriate is still important. Whether or not you actually publish on Christmas Day is another matter.

Good SEO suggests you should create content on a regular basis. The keyword is regular. If you publish everyday, the occasional day off will not hurt. There are many successful blogs that only post Monday to Friday. There are others that publish numerous posts each and every day, Christmas Day included. Both can and are very successful.

Publishing Christmas Day is a personal decision that only you can make. If you have an international audience, remember that your holidays are not necessarily theirs. To the online world, holidays are becoming irrelevant – people will still visit your pages on those days.

Content development is an important part of your online existence, but I think everyone would forgive you if you decided not to publish on Christmas Day.

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