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Online advertising has had a roller-coaster ride over the last two or three years with many businesses either reducing or cutting some advertising programs. This bigger PPC players like Google keep on growing and with it the cost per click to advertisers. The smaller advertisers have not done as well and many of their prices, particularly when it comes to cost per click, have gone down.

With 2022 and a new decade only a day away, where will you take your online advertising budget? You can stick with the major players like Google, or you can create several campaigns for the same spend across several different smaller online advertising networks.

Gab Goldenberg on Search Engine Journal has put together a good list of 30 possible advertising networks to consider. I suggest you take a little time to find out about each network before jumping in – not all will suit your business. You should also be wary of news organizations. The cost of US$8 CPM is high – for news groups like the NYTimes, they have pages that often get hit over 100,000 in the one day – a $100 budget at $8 CPM could disappear in minutes with a very low CTR.

Older PPC networks like Bidvertiser and Adbrite could perform well at a lower cost per click. Targeted ads on Facebook or MySpace could be options as well. The area that seems to be growing is Twitter. However, I think a caution may be wise there. As advertising skyrockets on Twitter, there is a chance of it imploding with Twitter management eventually banning all advertising.

Look around – there are many online advertising opportunities that could be quite cost effective. Whilst Google may be big, they can also be expensive. Find cost effective online advertising and your business will grow in 2022.

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