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Crime rate in South Africa has always been on a high, which makes it more than important to take some effective South Africa travel advice before landing in the country.

1. Safety at airports

The Johannesburg International airport’s main terminal is not at all a safe area. Pickpockets, thieves along with other low lives are available in plenty which is the reason why travelers should be aware of their possessions and make their exit as quickly as possible.

Safety at aiports

2. Chose rental car service

The best and safest way to travel around South Africa is by hiring a car rental service. Driving at night is a strict NO for travelers and it is always advisable to keep a gap of one inch on the window by the driver’s side which makes it difficult to smash it. Central locking should be on and travelers should be alert while stopping at traffic lights.

Car rentals

3. Travel in group

Even though traveling in a big group certainly helps in different ways, there is no assurance that the group will not be targeted. One should always stick with the group and stay alert at all times.

Travel in group

4. Keep your possessions safe

Another valuable piece of travel advice while traveling to South Africa is to keep a watch on the possessions. It is always a better idea not take too many things to the country and keep all the valuables safely hidden.

5. Avoid reading newspapers

The national and local newspapers are mostly full of crime reports happening in different parts of the country. The horrendous crime stories can freak out any person and spoil the vacation. This is the reason why it is better to stay away from reading the newspapers. At the same time this warns you well before in advance and helps you to be alert all through the journey.

Avoid reading Newspaper

6. Avoid traveling alone

When it comes to traveling in South Africa, every traveler should make it a point not to wander off on their own. Dark areas and deserted beaches should be avoided at all times.

Travel alone

7. Ask the locals

The hotel operators and locals can offer valuable information on the places one can visit and the places to avoid. Safety situations can change drastically from one place to the other which is the reason why one should always consult the locals.

8. Avoid public transport

Backpacker buses are available in plenty but travelers are advised not to use them as transport as there are no safety standards. Renting a car is always a good idea which provides the travelers with some sort of safety.

Public transport

These are some of the basic travel advices while traveling in South Africa. If followed on a strict basis it can help the travelers avoid all sorts of trouble and inconveniences while in this wonderful country. Are you willing to buy 2023 Nude Calendars, order 2023 Calendars here.

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