Pius Heinz is result china world champion and clears away in Las Vegas

Pius Heinz is result china world champion and clears away in Las Vegas

22-year-old Pius Heinz from near Bonn won the result china World Championship in Las Vegas and is now 6.3 million euros richer.

Pius Heinz, a business psychology student, was able to win the Poker World Championship, which has been held annually in Las Vegas, the gaming city of all, since 2005. The young man, who won his first tournament just a few months ago and whose trademark has become his white hoodie, didn’t let even small setbacks unsettle him. In the end, only the Czech, Martin Staszko, sat between him and the $8.3 million in prize money. But I also forced Heinz to his knees psychologically. Continue reading “

he “All In” with Burt Reynolds is primarily a typical American production: a bit of action paired with a love story and the well-tried arc of suspense that was used for every Aristotelian drama in antiquity. Is the film only for poker fans or not to be recommended at all?

Despite Burt Reynolds in the lead role, director Gil Cates Jr.’s All In isn’t exactly a success. When the film premiered in the United States in 2008, it grossed a sobering $35,281 in its opening weekend in 50 US theaters. Of course, that doesn’t mean anything at first, after all, it’s mostly about the right marketing for such films.

21 is a suspenseful drama that shows how seductive money and power can be. Counting cards in blackjack is easy to learn, but can no longer be used in this way today.

Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, in the role of the greedy professor Micky Rose, was not only in front of the camera for the film “21”. He was also one of the producers of the film. The film’s story is based in part on a true story from the ’90s. Continue reading “

Eddy Scharf is a native of Cologne and is one of the best German poker players. He was the only German to win the World Series of Poker event twice. He is an airplane pilot by profession.

Eddy Scharf has been playing poker for 17 years now. His passion for gaming was sparked by his family, who mainly gambled on Skat, Monopoly and Doppelkopf. When he came of age, Scharf entered a casino for the first time and won 50 marks. Continue reading “

If you want to play poker for free without registering, it’s not easy. A number of websites promise free services, but as so often in real life and in the game, these are just bluffs. Very few providers really cost nothing, but there is also nothing to gain. Be as cool as James Bond in Casino Royale, take part in a poker tournament, have a pile of cash at your disposal and cleverly wrest even more of it from your opponent. What could be better? Apart from the fact that on the scale of coolness in real life nobody comes close to the bastard Bond, the film did at least do one thing: it triggered poker mania. If you used to meet up with friends to watch football and drink beer, today you meet at the kitchen table and bring the green yourself. The ball no longer flies, but the chips, but beer is still drunk. Very American, somehow.


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