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It may be Christmas and you may be wanting to get away for a week or so, but what about your regular blogging routine? If you’re a WordPress user then never fear, WordPress to the rescue.

One of the least used functions inside WordPress is the scheduling feature. This allows you to write as many posts as you require and to then schedule them for publication at a date and time that suits your routine. This is particularly handy if you are going to be away from your computer for any period of time.

Under the “publishing” section of your ‘add new post’ page you will see “Publish immediately Edit” with the word “edit” shown as a link. Click on the link and it reveals scheduling options that you can edit. Edit the date and time that you want to schedule the post for and click OK – the Publish button will change to Schedule. When you have finished writing the post, click on Schedule and WordPress will do all the rest.

A word of warning when it comes to scheduling posts. If your server has regular down times, typically in the early hours of the morning when they perform maintenance, upgrades or backups, don’t schedule a publication for this period. WordPress will fail to publish and mark the post as “missed schedule.”

On a side issue, I notice WordPress has already released a ‘fix’ for the recent 2.9 release. I would still wait another week or two before rushing to update your files – you may well find you have to do it again – and again.

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